I.V. Infusion Therapy

Outpatient Infusion is a great alternative to long waits and lengthy hospital stays. Many Patients who require intravenous (I.V.) antibiotics for more serious infections, may be able to receive treatment in our office.

We are open 365 days, we specialize in prompt, safe and professional infusions in a comfortable environment under the direct supervision of Dr. Patrick Anastasio, DO.

Advantages of Physician Office Based Care for I.V. Infusion Therapy




Care team member are specialists in infusion treatment Yes Unknown
Care plan overseen directly by physician Yes Indirect
Consistent patient care team Yes Variable
Immediate medication interaction, evaluation and monitoring Yes Delayed
Timely lab results and review Yes Unknown
Timely dosage and treatment adjustments, as needed Yes Unknown
Consistent availability of your medications and supplies from physician office Yes Variable
Direct communication between physician and care team Yes Variable