Advanced Treatment Options

Our patient treatment facilities provide state of the art patient care, allowing you to spend less time in a hospital and more time enjoying your life. We are able to provide many of our patients with less treatments overall and no hospital stays.

Hepatitis C

The Silent Killer

Why Wait? Get Cured of Hep C Now.
Now is a great time to get treated. Take advantage of the break throughs in the field of Hep C over the past few years. The most recent treatment options are very safe and offer a very high chance of cure …even if you have failed interferon treatment in the past.

HIV Care

We offer the very latest in treatment and prevention including PREP and PEP. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or already on treatment, you owe it to yourself to get expert care.

Dr. Patrick Anastasio, DO has over 20 years experience and will be happy to help you.

Wound Care

Here at Emerald Coast Infectious Diseases Medical Group, we offer custom wound care designed for each specific patient. During your visit with our trained wound care nurse, a custom treatment plan will be made to assist with the healing process.

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I.V. Infusion Therapy

Outpatient Infusion is a great alternative to long waits and lengthy hospital stays. Many patients who require intravenous (IV) antibiotics for more serious infections, may be able to receive treatment in our office.

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At Synergy Specialty Pharmacy, we recognize how overwhelming and difficult it can be to battle a disease or live with a chronic illness. Your Privacy is important to us. As a specialty pharmacy, we understand specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on individual patients.

Your physician, family and friends are all members of your care team. The right specialty pharmacy is an important member of your care team as well.

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